Stationary Cod Water Pressure Washer

Cold water stationary pressure washer designed for industrial use.   

Delivering a clean wash every time, the Kondor equipment line is designed for sleek operation in a comfortable, open environment. This equipment has an innovative design and installation options perfect for almost every bay and business.


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Cold water stationary pressure washer equipment is designed for industrial use in car wash bays, sanitation facilities, manufacturing buildings and automobile garages. Cold water units are made for wall mount or floor mount stationary units.


  • 115 volt to 230 volt 

  • 1 phase to 3 phase 

  • Triplex Pump

  • Chemical Injection 

  • Trigger Gun and Hose 

  • Triplex Pump


  • Belt Driven or Direct Drive

  • Remote Stations

  • Wash Bay Modules Available