Floor/Ceiling Mounted GuideLight System

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Impress your customers with Hydro-Spray’s all new RGB Guide Lites!  These color changing LED lights will drive impulsive purchases and help prevent accidents from occurring.  With a reinforced structure to prevent against tire traffic, RGB Guide Lites are sure to last!



Standard Configurations

24 ft. Package  (L03-FPRGB24)   32 ft. Package (L03-FPRGB32)   40 ft. Package (L03-FPRGB40)  

All Packages Incude :  
Two RGB neon lights, matching custom UHMW extrusions, pre-wired control panel (requires  
110 volt, 20 amp receptacle), pre-programmed controller, relay control (four 24 volt inputs),  
stainless steel hardware, two 2"x4" junction boxes. 

Features & benefits


• Low profile design
• Traffic rated construction
• Color-changing LED
• Attaches directly to existing floor
• IP68 waterproof lighting
• Low voltage control
• Easily adapts to any automatic car wash
• Operates with existing traffic lights
• Universal design allows for both surface and recessed installation
• "Impulse Mode" Guides Lites will change colors when your wash 
  is idle.   


• Enhanced curb appeal
• "Impulse Mode" attracts more customers into your wash bay
• Effective alternative to painted lines or reflective markers
• Easily and safely guides customer into the wash bay
• Helps prevent accidents and reduces driver error

Enhance your wash bay with the all new "IBA Virtual Voice Attendant". Just like having someone there telling your customers what to do when they pull up to the automatic car wash. The ABAVA will prompt your customers with directional voice over as well as confirm services delivered for each wash package.   

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HydroSpray RGB Floor Light Package