Belanger's FreeStyler® is the most advanced in-bay soft touch automatic available in the industry! Every aspect of the FreeStyler was carefully designed to deliver the most comprehensive combination of performance features available in the market today! With the FreeStyler operators can quickly access the uniquely concealed onboard components through the side and back panels, or make fast and easy finger-tip adjustments to the equipment from easy to reach onboard carriage controls. Engineered with premium quality components like variable frequency drives, state-of-the-art motors and gearboxes for increased life-cycle and decreased operating costs, the FreeStyler delivers unrivaled durability.To further enhance the customer's overall car washing experience, the FreeStyler is engineered with an overhead gantry design. This overhead design not only provides an open and inviting bay appearance but also ensures smoother operation and less potential for customer loading error.


Features & Benefits


*Standard Options Include 

  • Black Trim Level 

  • Aluminum Frame (Aircraft Grade)

  • 5 Brush Design 

  • Counter Weight Top Wheel (Tunnel Concept)

  • Air/Oil Retract Side Brushes (Tunnel Concept)

  • Hi-Tec Black Neotex Foam Wash Media 

  • Free Standing Aluminum Frame

  • 25'-1' Galv Overhead Rail Mounted/Travel

  • 208v VFD Control Center (MCC)

  • City Pressure Rinse 

  • Chemical Pump-Soap 

  • Auto Hi-Current Retract-Entrance Wheels

  • Floor Mounted Treadle

  • Overhead Boom Assy-Wall Pivot

  • 3 Each Enter & Exit Functions

  • Short Bay Software Function 

  • Entrance Wheel-Wig Wag 

  • Self Healing Faults

  • Reversing Entrance Wheels-Benifits Mirrors 

  • Washes Full Sized & Dual Wheeled Trucks

  • Pick Up Bed Sensing 

  • Solid Roller Drive System-No Grease Points

  • Electric Driven Design 

  • Full Operator Access-Touch Screen Controller

  • Internet Ready 

*Optional Enhancements Available, Consult Your Distributor