Elite Series

Elite Series 3 Bay Multi-Pressure PLC Self Serve System, 208-230 volt 3 Phase, 5 HP VFD Motor Control Per Bay, 24 volt AC Control, Direct Drive Arimitsu Pump up to 4 GPM @ 1900PSI for High and Low Pressure Functions Delivered to Wash Bay.

Elite Series Brochure


Features & Benefits

A True 1 Bay, 1 Pump Design  - This feature is made possible by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) motor which operates a high pressure pump, drawing solutions from chemical tanks. This advanced design:
  • Eliminates the use of multiple pumps-saving you energy and operating cost
  • Eliminates complicated check values
  • Reduces the number of components in your wash-minimizing maintenance
Variable Frequency Drive Motor
The VFD motor on each Elite Series saves energy and reduces operating cost while allowing for customizable high, medium, and low pressure settings.
Fewer System Components The design of this equipment eliminates low-pressure pumps, in-bay check valves and multiple delivery hoses to the boom. By reducing the number of components, Elite Self Serve Systems are simpler, more versatile and more reliable than most self-serve car wash systems.
Easy Maintenance & Durability The Elite Series features a stainless steel construction and has been engineered to include fewer maintenance parts with high grade industry standard components and parts.

No Weep Winterization System Simply program a winterization temperature on your Elite Series System to save water and money that would otherwise be lost during cold winter months. Following the completion of each wash, when the temperature has dropped below your winterization temperature, the Elite Series will first blow fluid lines free of water, and then inject anti-freeze solution into those fluid lines. This action effectively, efficiently, and economically prevents your fluid lines from freezing. 

Wash Down Feature 
Wash the walls and the floor of your bay down with the press of a button.

Hydrominder Solution Tanks Each Elite Series includes industry standard solution tanks equipped with the Hydrominder to accurately and consistently mix chemical with water. With most self-serve systems inconsistency can result from utilizing multiple pumps or from a secondary water dilution point at the inlet of the high pressure pump. The all-in-one design eliminates these variables and promises a consistent delivery of solution to the wash bay.     


    • Free Standing Stainless Steel Frame
    • Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Wired
    • Omron PLC
    • Device Net Communication I/O
    • Four Switch Router
    • Pump Motor Direct Drive Options
      • General Pump/WEG Motor
      • CAT Pump/Baldor Motor
      • Arimitsu Pump/Baldor Motor

    • Plug and Play Wash Bay Connections
    • 3/4" Hot and Cold Water Supply Ready
    • 1/4" Compressed Air Supply Ready
    • Seven Hydro-Minder Proportioning Valves
    • Two Mechanical Float Valves
    • One Electric Fload Switch
    • 208/230 Volt, 3 phase Motor Control with Overload Protection     (Per Number of Bays)
    • 120 Volt, Single Phase System Control Voltage 
    • 24 Volt AC Meter Box Control Voltage (Primary Transformer     Supplied)


Minimum Bay Dimensions 14’W X 10’H X 24’L

  • Equipment Room Space Requirements, 2-5 Bay = 77.25" H x 35.5" D x 73" L
  • Equipment Room Space Requirements, 6 Bay = 77.25" H x 35.5" D x 85" L
  • Power Supply = 208/230 Volt AC, 3 phase, 20 Amps Per Bay
  • Power Supply = 120 Volt AC, 1 phase, 20 Amps Per System
  • Fresh Water Supply, 3/4" Hot/Cold 20 GPM Per System
  • Compressed Air Supply, 5-6 CFM Per System
  • Motor Starter/Relay Optional if Using Electric Float Switch for Spot Tank Fill
  • Enclosed Climate Controlled Equipment Room