Meter Boxes

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Hydro-Spray's Meter Boxes are a great upgrade for older self serve bays.  The meter box is one of the most critical components of a self serve car wash.  It’s where the customer interacts with your equipment, making payment and selecting functions.  You want to make this process as easy for the customer as possible, and our deluxe boxes do this, accepting coins and bills as well as optional credit card acceptance in a clean, attractive package.  

Sizes Available : Short Hull or Long Hull

Standard Features:

  • 11 or 7 Gauge Stainless Steel

  • LED Display Timer

  • 10 Position Rotary Switch

  • Multiple Coin Acceptor

  • Bill Acceptor

  • Heater with Thermostat

  • Last Minute Horn Alert

  • Security Lock Bar ready

  • Dual Key Lock

Optional Features:

  • IDX Credit Card

  • CryptoPay Credit Card

  • Hamilton DAN Credit Card

  • WashGear Credit Card

  • Custom Graphics

  • 12 Position Rotary/Push Button