Cold Water Pressure Washers

    Hydro-Spray's hot water pressure washers offer a full range of options that mix-and-match in a way that is cost effective for your operation. Cleaning performance can be measured through 3 basic factors: water volume, water pressure, and heat. The flexibility within this equipment line allows us to offer you the perfect combination of capacity, power, and heat to fit your specific needs.


    Stationary Gas Units

    Cold water stationary pressure washer equipment is designed for industrial use in car wash bays, sanitation facilities, manufacturing buildings, and automobile garages. Cold water units are made for wall mount or floor mount stationary units.

    Portable Electric Units

    Our cold water portable units are designed for on the go cleaning. Ideal for general cleaning where hot water is not needed. From vehicle cleaning to light machinery and agricultural cleaning, we have the equipment you need.

    Portable Gas Units

    Cold water portable gas driven pressure washers engineered to suite your needs are industrial made to last. A portable gas-driven pressure washer is the perfect cleaning tool to when a job needs the equipment brought to it. For mobile detailers, window washers, home owners, commercial cleaning, and commercial maintenance these pressure washers are perfect for every application.